P.P.C. Program - Affiliate terms of service agreement

Subject to Change - Last Ammended February 5, 2008

1. This agreement is effective between BN Media, LLC, DBA "Company" (referred to within this agreement site as "we, us, our, GBcash,"), and the web site owner "WEBMASTER" applying for affiliation ("webmaster, you, your, affiliate, publisher"), from the date your affiliate / publishing application is submitted and approved by

2. By submitting an application for affiliation with, you are bound to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Failure to comply with the terms set forth will result in cancellation of your affiliation with and forfeiture of accumulated & future funds payment.

3. Webmasters eligible for this program must be at least 18 years of age and have legal ownership of the site(s) on which they place advertisements.

4. is a Pay Per Click through program. You are compensated for unique click throughs every time your viewers first physically click our hosted supplied banners and or approved links. You agree that click-throughs by other means, or by means not coherent with this TOS or otherwise not counted by GBcash's means are not payable and will be declined by GBcash.

5. reserves the right to refuse and or cancel ANY webmaster from the program for any reason whatsoever at the sole discretion of GBcash. All webmaster applications are pre-approved and ready for your use immediately upon logging in. We reserve the right to revoke acceptance if you're found not in compliance with linking rules or violate this TOS in another fashion, at any time. If canceled from the GBcash program, bonus incentives are void and canceled as well. If cancellation of an affiliate is due to TOS violation, accrued payment may be forfeited as well.

6. $.02 second page and up to $.05 second page programs pay only on US IP filtered traffic clicks, - these programs may require affiliates to be active using the standard $.013 to $.015  - we reserve full option of limiting participation on campaigns above $.015/click. Your acceptance as an approved affiliate is not a guarantee of invitation to higher paying programs.

7. PAIDUPFRONT: (NOTE: As of 5/27/06, The Paid Upfront option and terms shall apply only to participating affiliates - no further pre-payment options in association with GBcash will be made - EXCEPT on agreements prior to 5/27/06. Prior pre-payments to exisiting affiliates which are unfilled are still under obligation)

(Paid Upfront option is subject to full GBcash TOS excluding payment periods)
Description: PaidUpfront is an optional feature when using the GBcash program. Webmasters may be compensated upfront on a "promise to provide qualifying traffic over time" basis.

PaidUpfront Special terms:

Participation is voluntary and by affiliate's request ONLY. Participants do not qualify for "bonus" offers. Once you accept a prepayment, you may continue with the GBcash program under regular program pay rules, however this does not make you eligible for the signup bonus. If you do not ever request prepayment, you will be paid by the normal GBcash payment terms and remain eligible for bonus incentive offers.

Acceptance of prepaid funds by an affiliate constitutes a binding agreement between GBcash & Affiliate, that holds you the affiliate responsible to deliver through the use of the GBcash PPC program, an amount of qualifying traffic within a reasonable amount of time, equal to or greater than the amount of money paid to affiliate.

Qualifying traffic, is traffic counted through the GBcash program statistics, using the GBcash cut-and-paste ad/banner codes provided. Rules of traffic delivery for prepaid traffic is 100% the same as the rules set forth within this agreement for delivery of normal non-PaidUpfront traffic and subject to the same dismissals and or voids.

Traffic sent on a prepaid agreement, not in accordance with the terms of service, will not be counted in any way towards the fulfillment of the prepaid affiliates obligation.

Those affiliates that do not fulfill any prepaid agreement within a period of 90 days (on an initial $30 payout, 120 days on a max. projected payout) will be considered delinquent, and at the responsible discretion (after attempted reconciliation) of the company, a "cheater", is subject to the full exposure to the public through any and all means deemed appropriate by GBcash. All we ask for is contact, and cooperation to avoid this.

Maximum initial payout on PaidUpfront $30.00 USD.

2nd Tier referral money does not qualify for prepayment. Money accumulated on your 2nd tier referral level will be paid out per standard GBcash payout rules.

GBcash reserves the right to refuse prepayment to any affilate, at any time. Furthermore, GBcash reserves the right to limit prepayout amounts to any affiliate for any reason.

Once the first obligated amount paid has been satisfied, the second prepayment (also on a by request basis) shall be figured at an amount calculated buy a 3 day average traffic delivery from previous prepayment term, projecting a month's total click-through volume. Upon satisfying the 2nd prepaid obligation, GBcash will pay up to 3 months based on projection using previous click-through statistic averages.

Affiliates that fail to request further prepayment, yet still run GBcash ads/banners on their sites, WILL STILL BE COUNTED, AND COMPENSATED under regular payment terms providing standard TOS rules are followed. Those accounts will be paid per normal GBcash payment terms.


8. You are not an agent, officer, representative, or employee of GBcash, nor are we forming any binding business partnership with you, your company, or the website you run. The financial limit of our relationship begins with you sending traffic to our program links, and is concluded at the time you stop, and GBcash has paid the funds earned provided the minimum amount is reached, and the accumulated funds were earned in complete accordance with this agreement. Gbcash's liability to ANY affiliate shall never exceed a current period's owed funds.


9. The company may change this TOS with or without notice at any time, for any reason.


General policy - IMPORTANT

Your Site - Your website must be in accordance with what is considered legal in the USA. Displaying and or linking to content which depicts CP, Bestiality, rape, etc will not be accepted into the program or canceled without notice and reported to the appropriate agencies if we discover these practices later. WAREZ sites, password trading / sharing sites also excluded from this program. Your site must be free of, and must not promote spy-ware, mal-ware, or ANY software and or script intended to modify settings of ANY kind on a viewer's computer. Your site must not initiate ANY downloads to a user without a user's consent. Any affiliate's site found to have adopted any malicious items listed above after affiliation, will be terminated with or without notice and may result in full forfeiture of any and all funds accrued, earned or otherwise unpaid.

No-Compete - If you have been prepaid, and are running an ad banner promoting the same URL / domain at the present time, you are not permitted to promote the same GBcash product category within the same pages the prepaid spot is located. NOR MAY YOU REPLACE OUR PREPAID SPOT WITH THE BELOW LINK CODES before expiration of agreed on prepayment term. You may however select a different GBcash site to promote. Pay-Per-Click commissions earned by violating this No-Compete clause will be void.

Productivity Notice - Although GBcash does not set forward an exact level of required banner click through productivity, it is to be known that if we determine your productivity to be too low, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to cancel and as long as there is no TOS violations, pay the under performing affiliate in full. The primary cause of this being enforced is excessive ad impressions with very little or zero click through rates.

Account Limitations - Limit one account per payable entity of any kind, personal or business unless authorized in writing by GBcash. You may not refer yourself to the program to gain the 5% referral bounty.

Mailings - You are NOT to include our links in ANY mailers for any reason whatsoever.

Notifications - It is the webmaster's sole responsibility to receive emails sent by Policy changes are effective 24hrs from initial email notification unless stated otherwise and are time stamped by method of a group news post to each affiliate's login area.

SPAM & Un-Authorized linking - You shall not place our ad code in message boards related or unrelated, chat rooms, IRC, etc. Placement of the ad code MUST be on website page(s) you own and control ONLY. 

Editing - The cut and paste code provided by GBcash must be used AS-IS in an unaltered format unless approved by The Company in writing. GBcash MUST host all image banners where provided. You may not re-size or confine our ad creatives to another size. You are not permitted to mix linking codes with different banners. NO extra linked text may be added to banners. Commissions earned from altered banner linking of any kind shall result in the reversal of earned funds from offending referring urls with or without notification.

Allowed targeting & tagging - The ONLY allowed html targeting tag is "_blank" and "_top" window targeting syntax. You may not use ANY OTHER tag style. You MAY NOT use redirect scripts - our link must be copied and pasted EXACTLY the way it appears on your affiliate log in panel. Our landing pages must be targeted to load ABOVE other windows. You may not load our landing pages inside a frame, iframe, or target or use our linking code in conjunction with any code modification script, javascript, java or other. You may not use our creatives on a page that serves a primary purpose as a "popup or popunder console", and furthermore, you may not use are landing pages with GBcash linking codes as a console.

Offers, Promotions, Click Fraud - You agree not to use ANY wording promoting the clicking of our links in conjunction with any contest, promotion, etc. You may refer to our links as "ads", "sponsor links", "your favorites", "popular links", even "POPUP FREE ADS" etc. You do not have to head them with any wording if you so choose. You may not have more than 4 different GBcash ads within one single html page. You are prohibited from attempting to inflate your unique click throughs by any means - human or mechanical. We understand you will test your links - but we also closely review our raw IP access logs and we'll terminate your account without payment if you're found to be doing more than testing. You will not manipulate click throughs to our program with any device including but not limited to bots etc. WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CLICK FRAUD. Click throughs that are not accepted as unique are visible within your affiliate login panel may be listed as "declined clicks". WE CHECK ALL AFFILIATE SITES VERY REGULARLY TO ASSURE LINKAGE IS PER TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, WE ALSO HAVE THREE LEVELS OF STATISTICS TO DETECT FRAUD - DON'T DO IT.

Statistics: GBcash statistic tracking within the program is the SOLE source of stats tracking - without argument or recourse. Affiliates are not permitted to attach any kind of "link tracking" syntax to the GBcash commissionable link codes. The primary reason is that many free trade scripts and or other methods of link tracking modifies a link code or encodes it which not only violates the GBcash terms of service regarding link modification, but interfere with the accuracy of your commissions. ANY form of link tracking or link modification MUST be approved in writing - or earned commissions are subject to being void, with or without notice to affiliate.

Placement - Placement of the GBcash creatives MUST be within the normal populated viewing area of your webpage(s). Our banners must be visible with out obstruction, and must not be layered under any object on your page(s).

Inactivity - Affiliates that have not sent a recorded qualified click-through for a period of 30 days shall be deemed inactive and placed on declined status. While in declined status, affiliate is not eligible for bonus and or referral % incentives. Upon the 60th day of inactivity, affiliate is deleted or otherwise 'terminated' from the GBcash program. Prepaid affiliates will not be placed into an "inactive" status until contact attempts have been exhausted by GBcash's determination of.

Payment Rules and Period

Payout Factors - Your earnings are calculated in US dollars by approved unique (1 IP per 24 hours period - program wide - regardless of various banners used / clicked). Clicks qualifying for payment are filtered by our IP filtering technology (see campaign rate directly below this paragraph). Clicks are counted at the landing page (1st page) for all standard $.013 - $.015 product categories. $.02 up to $.05 PPC, clicks are counted at the 2nd page for payment. Excessive no referring URL click throughs are reviewed and may be manually declined by admin and exempt from payment - even if previously approved. If a click is not from a country listed for a particular campaign type, those clicks do not qualify for payment. Viewable statistics are based on actual qualified payable clicks only. Unpaid country click throughs are not displayed in the affiliate statistics. Pay rates are subject to increase or decrease by GBcash effective 24hrs from sending emailed notification to all affiliates.

$.01 - $.015/Click Categories / Campaigns - Qualifying (payable) countries include: United States (all)

$.02 - $.05/Click Categories / Campaigns - Qualifying (payable) countries include: United States (all)

All rates are US DOLLARS

Payment Periods - Your account balance needs to accumulate at least $50.00 USD in a payment period for a payment from us to be made, if this minimum is not met, your balance will simply carry over for as many periods as needed to make the payout minimum. Payment will be sent in the form of a bank draft, Epassporte, "PP" or other arrangement approved by Payment periods are monthly as of the end of the month. Payments will be processed and mailed or transmitted electronically within 15 (fifteen) days of the close of each pay period. US residents, prior to receiving payment from us, we will need to have a signed W-9 on file for your account. You can obtain this from the IRS, or request it from us. If we do not have this document on file, your funds will accumulate until it is received. Payments are automatically sent by period providing your minimum amount has been met. International checks sent outside the USA and CANADA are subject to a $3.00 fee - deducted from your earnings.

$50 Signup Bonus Terms - New affiliates signing up for participation in the GBcash PPC program between 02/20/06 and 06/01/06 will be have the sum of $50.00 USD added to their normal payout upon the date that the affiliate has earned $500.00 in accumulated commissions using the GBcash program. Expiration of this offer is 12/30/06. If affiliate does not accumulate a total payout from GBcash of $500 USD or greater by the expiry date of this bonus offer, the bonus offer is void. Limit ONE (1) $50 bonus per affiliate account. This is not an upfront payment offer - The $500 in earning must be previously met, and that $500 of earnings must be considered 100% un-fraudulent and must not be a "hold" state by GBcash. Bonus payment offer not applicable to PaidUpfront participants (those compensated in advance through GBcash).

Sponsor Disclaimer

GBcash is affiliated with many major revenue sharing and pay-per-signup & Revenue Sharing sponsors. These sponsors have no affiliation with The Company's program what so ever. As an affiliate of you are compensated from us and bound to OUR terms of agreement. By promoting our program's ad creatives, you agree not to hold ANY of our sponsoring partners OR GBcash's owners accountable for ANY losses incurred by using our program including but not limited to server down time, account termination, unexpected payment delays, stop of the SITE's program for any reason. 

Termination / loss disclaimer reserves the right to terminate, suspend and or withhold funds on any webmaster's account at any time with or without notice in the event we suspect fraud or the webmaster has violated and part of this agreement's terms or your traffic sent has been statistically found to not be productive or profitable. In the event your account is going to be terminated or suspended, you will be notified by administration by email with reason(s) and possibly corrective action necessary to continue working with us. Depending on reason, The Company reserves the right to suspend ANY account without prior notice. Within this reserve of rights, you agree that GBcash has final say in any decision made and that you will not bring legal recourse towards The Company, it's owners, and or partners. We are not responsible for any losses incurred by affiliate for any reason. In the even you are canceled, you quit, or are terminated from the GBcash's program, you agree to fully and immediately remove all of The Company's HTML and or other linking codes, graphics, and other from all of your websites. Terminated or otherwise inactive affiliates also lose rights to further earnings of 2nd tier 'referral' earnings

Limitation of Liability